Your Role

Request a minimum of ten workers.

Prove that local labor is not available by placing a classified help-wanted ad in your largest local paper. (AMIGOS will tell you exactly when and how to meet this requirement).

Pay at least the "prevailing" wage for your industry in your state. As a rule, they range from $11.00 to $17.00/hr.

Obtain safe housing with beds, bedding, a couch, table, chairs, and cooking facilities. A worker's total housing costs, including utilities, should be no more than $300 per month.

Take workers to apply for a social security card within two weeks of their arrival.

Provide workers weekly access to a bank, laundry, and grocery store.

Make sure they are able to either walk (reasonable distance) to work or have transportation provided.

Other Considerations

Treat your H-2B workers with dignity and respect. If they think they're being mistreated they'll leave.

Few Mexican workers speak any English and while AMIGOS can act as translator for you, it is better to have a reliable, bilingual worker who can translate easily between English and Spanish.

These workers are here to earn money, not spend it. Help them to be as thrifty as possible. They will want to share housing, transportation, etc.

Greet your new employees when they arrive and take them out for a meal. Gestures of this nature will lay the groundwork for a good working relationship. Get to know them on a personal level.

Check all documents that establish identity and employment eligibility. Help your new hires fill out Form I-9s, the Employment Eligibility Verification form.

Provide your new employee with a company work uniform. Buy them work boots and pants if needed.

After the first workday it is customary to advance each new hire $50 in cash to tide him over until his first payday.