AMIGOS was founded in 1988 with one simple idea. Bring in the best, most productive and reliable seasonal workers possible -- when and where they're needed. We were the first and are still the best, because we provide results, not excuses. We handle the red tape so you can take care of your business.

Our Mission

AMIGOS H-2B process is totally turnkey. Unlike others, we recognize your time is valuable and strive to make sure your involvement is minimal. With AMIGOS, there will be no travel to Mexico, no additional consulting fees, no hidden costs, no significant financial risks and only minimal dealings with government agencies. Our customers are pleased with the dependable employees we provide them.

The real service we offer is taking the headaches out of a very complicated process. The federal law that makes our service possible is called the
"H-2B" program. It involves multiple government agencies both here and abroad. The day-to-day details of the process are like a moving target, depending on who is in what position, both in and out of the United States, and how they are interpreting various rules and regulations.

With our office in the U.S. and multiple processing locations in Mexico, we are able to keep up with every new wrinkle and provide a continuous flow of quality workers. Our primary goal is to offer our customers a turnkey service, that is as painless as possible for them and it is not complete until you have workers at your jobsite.